About Us

MD ROYAL WELLNESS comprises of a Young and Dynamic team of richly experienced entrepreneurs from Jorhat, Assam.

We, MDR team strongly believes that every human being deserves a “Royal” life. Our team is extremely passionate about redefining youth through our pure organic products and financially enriching Income opportunities.

Legally,  binding to the norms and regulations of the government, MDR team processes all the requisite certifications.  From the childhood, we got our strength from the only male river of India the Brahmaputra and the ever- raining gift provided by  mother nature particularly to our motherland.   Unpolluted nature in abundance offered us the immense power to deliver the best our land produces to the whole nation.

We guarantee you Royal health and Royal wealth as our years of world’s best organic tea industry experience gave us the wisdom to proclaim this assurance with 100% confidence !


A Royal lifestyle through  our wellness industry to create a better everyday life for the crores of our fellow people ! Bringing optimism at peak by connecting people to the best of our mother nature’s offers as daily used food !

Millions of people crave for self employment and decent earning ! we are committed to serve exactly the same and prove the whole world that we are the Best.. Health wise and Wealthwise ! Time for the rest of the world to follow the core values and culture of our mother India !


MD ROYAL WELLNESS Mission is to create a diseases-free and poverty-free mother India ! Achieving self- sufficiency through our own produce and usage !

By creating unique self employment opportunities, we strive for the upliftment of the common man and eradicate unemployment.

MDR wellness sincerely attempts to create the awareness among people to realise the value of leading a healthy, robust life radiating abundant energy !

Let what we drink and what we eat be pure, organic and 100% un-adulterated !

We clearly see our prestigious organic line of daily use products emerge super victorious major brands proudly topping the global market !